I have trained for a number of years starting my Goju Ryu journey at the age of 30 with my family. Initially it was just to get fit and have something in common with my two daughters. 
Something that started out as a family activity to get fit ended up becoming a journey of self discovery and a passion which has become a way of life. Gaining my 3rd Dan Black belt in 2020 and never looked back  
I have tried different forms of martial arts; however I was drawn to Goju Ryu through watching my daughter at her first grading. I was intrigued by the depth and simplicity of Goju Ryu karate, which teaches practical use of traditional techniques in self defence. 
It is challenging mentally and physically, however through the continued practice it builds discipline and character. You will learn about yourself through training and this is the meaning of Kensho in Zen.
On my journey so far, I have been fortunate enough to train with various IOGKF and EGKA senior instructors at events Nationally, Globally and even at the world famous Honbu dojo in Okinawa.
Kensho Karate Dojo is a family run Dojo and assisting with the classes will be Senpai Kiera and Senpai Aaliyah, both 2nd Dan Black belts. Both have successfully competed Regionally and Nationally earning a number of EGKA Titles.


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